What Can I Expect From My First Botox® Treatment?

You’ve heard about it. You’ve seen the effects on your favorite celebrities. But if you’re considering Botox®, you might be wondering what it’s like and what you can do to prepare for a treatment. Adebayo Adesomo, MD, and the team at Houston Women’s Cosmetics offer a wide range of treatments to lessen wrinkles and lines on your face. Read on to learn what Botox® is and what you need to do to prepare for a treatment.

How Botox® works

Whenever you smile or frown, your face moves. Your flexible skin stretches and creases depending on your expression. The more you move your face in the same way, the more your face falls into familiar lines and wrinkles. Over time, those lines can become a permanent part of your face.

Botox®, which is injected with a small needle, works by freezing the muscles on your face. This relaxes the laugh lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles to give your face a smooth appearance.

How to prepare for your first treatment

Botox® treatments are noninvasive. However, they still involve injections, albeit with a very fine needle. Since the treatment involves your face, you’ll want to prevent bruising as much as possible. One of the best ways to prevent bruising is to avoid foods, drinks, and supplements that thin your blood.

Some of these include alcohol, aspirin, vitamin E, fish oil, ginseng, strawberries — which have a natural source of aspirin — and foods loaded with garlic. If you’re taking prescription blood thinners, be sure to discuss this with Dr. Adesomo at your consultation.

What happens during treatment

To inject the Botox®, Dr. Adesomo uses needles that are very thin and sharp, so you may not feel them. If you still have concerns, Dr. Adesomo can use a topical anesthetic to completely numb your skin. If you do happen to feel anything, you should only feel a tiny pinch.

Your treatment won’t take much time. From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, it may take as little as 25 minutes.

What to expect after treatment

You should be able to return to your normal activities with a few small changes. First of all, you should keep your head upright for several hours after treatment. This will prevent the Botox® from slipping into an unwanted area.

Second, you should avoid touching the treated area for a few hours to give the chemicals time to absorb. By massaging or rubbing those areas, you may push the chemicals out of the treatment area, which can impact the results.

You may see a little of redness, swelling or bruising, but this should subside in a few hours. You should see full results in 5-7 days, and the results should last 3-4 months, at which time you can get another treatment.

To see if a Botox® treatment can help you, book an appointment online or over the phone with Houston Women’s Cosmetics today.

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