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Sexual Wellness

Sexual Wellness services offered in Houston, TX

Exceptional women’s sexual health contributes to their overall well-being. At Houston Women's Cosmetics in Houston, Texas, board-certified OB/GYN physician Adebayo J. Adesomo, MD, Ersula White, and their outstanding staff offer comprehensive sexual wellness services for women in all life’s stages. Call the office to schedule an appointment or use the online booking tab today.

Sexual Wellness Q & A

What is sexual wellness?

Sexual wellness for women includes the health of vaginal tissues, sexual desires, and even their mental health and well-being. Houston Women's Cosmetics offers an array of sexual wellness treatments to enhance women’s sex lives in a safe, healthy, and effective way and reduce the risk of complications. 

What are the advantages of exceptional sexual wellness?

The benefits to take advantage of after choosing sexual wellness services at Houston Women's Cosmetics include:

  • Less vaginal dryness
  • Reduced vaginal laxity
  • Diminished urinary incontinence
  • Stronger libido
  • Improved sexual satisfaction
  • Better sexual function
  • Self-confidence
  • Improved quality of life

Houston Women's Cosmetics even offers sexual wellness treatments for men that lead to stronger erections and reduced erectile dysfunction (ED).  

Which sexual wellness services are available?

Some of the services available at Houston Women's Cosmetics that maximize sexual wellness include:


The O-Shot for women consists of an injection containing platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your blood. A provider injects the PRP into your intimate areas to increase vaginal lubrication, tissue tightening, sexual sensation, and orgasms.


The P-Shot is designed for men. It uses PRP injected into the penis to stimulate blood flow and stronger erections. 

Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy available at Houston Women's Cosmetics balances hormones within your body to improve sexual function and libido while reducing menopause symptoms and the risk of certain chronic diseases. 

Dietary supplements

Your Houston Women's Cosmetics provider may suggest you take dietary supplements to improve sexual wellness and your overall health. 

Healthy habits

Healthy habits that enhance sexual function include eating nutritious foods, getting regular exercise, sleeping enough, using stress-reduction techniques, and focusing on your mental health. 

Birth control

Houston Women's Cosmetics offers birth control for women to reduce the chance of becoming pregnant when you’re not ready.

Sexually transmitted disease (STD) treatment

Detecting and treating STDs early can reduce embarrassing symptoms and the risk of infertility or other complications. 

Which wellness services are best for me?

Your Houston Women's Cosmetics provider reviews your medical history, symptoms, lifestyle habits, and desired results to determine which sexual wellness solutions are best. They may also recommend blood tests or other diagnostic testing to detect or rule out possible medical problems that can affect sexual functioning.

To enhance sexual wellness with the help of the experienced Houston Women's Cosmetics providers, schedule an appointment by phone or online today.